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Since ancient times, man has studied the color of nature to reproduce it by obtaining it from leaves, fruit, berries, bark, insects, lichens … the colors of REDESS come from here.

To cover gray hair, formulas of copper, silver and lead salts were used, REDESS offers you its own extract that transforms white hair into blonde colors.

You know the Rosso Tiziano (coppery blond), obtained through frequent washing with lye (water derived from the boiling of wood ashes) and drying in the sun, well Redess will use extracts from leaves and from the sumac fruit to be able to give you a natural dye with these characteristics.

Not Food

Our colored extracts can color the paper, as in the roses you see on the side, they can tan the skins and much more.

Food coloring

Do we color the boiled egg?

Do we color bread, meat or potatoes? Our sumac-based extracts will have the function of dyes but also of PRESERVATIVES. You just have to contact us!

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