Our company

Redess S.r.l.

In 2015, I9factory S.r.l. she was contacted as
an incubator by two young researchers to
investigate the use of sumac in the food

In 2019, I9factory Srl, is a company tutor in
Gabriele Falco degree thesis, hosted by the
Department of Food Science and Technology
of Parma, where 7 sumac powders are
compared, therefore characterized, from 7
different countries: Lebanon, Israel, Iran,
California, Jordan, Turkey and Sicily.

Also in 2019, i9factory files a patent for a blend
that also includes Sumac, which slows down
the rancidity of dry baked goods and increases
their storage times.

In November 2020 i9factory S.r.l. decides to
set up Redess S.r.l., an innovative startup
based in Termini Imerese, and to buy land for
the production of 100% Italian sumac.


Mission & Vision

It is the creation of a SUMAC SUPPLY CHAIN,
certified in organic spontaneous sumac harvesting.

In a context of respect and enhancement of
CIRCULAR ECONOMY, Redess S.r.l. enhances
abandoned areas, respecting the environment and
the plant world, to contribute to the creation of
natural, biodegradable, compostable and useful
products for people’s health.

Respect for the environment guides us in strategic
business decisions, respect for people’s health
guides us in sharing the properties of this plant
which is also ornamental.

The production of a spice that reduces the use of
salt in the diet of people who will use sumac, the
natural dyes that will replace the synthetic ones and
that can be used as antimicrobials and therefore
natural preservatives, the creation of essential oils
contribute to the improvement of health of people.



Spreading a new crop. Integrate the diet of
Italians with this new spice. Innovating
products for use in industry: food, cosmetics,
pharmaceuticals, paper and leather.

100% Italian sumac

Our cultivation of sumac in Sicily

In 2020 I9factory organized a collection of Sumac
berries, which allowed it to dispose of about 350 kg
of product, coming from different areas of Sicily:
Castronovo di Sicilia, from Caltagirone, from San
Biagio Platani, from Messina and Trapani.

Finally, the help of two I9factory collaborators, food
technologists, allowed the company to take a
census of the Sicilian areas richest in spontaneous

Thanks to the production of an autochthonous
Sicilian sumac, Redess S.r.l. today it can boast
a 100% Italian natural product, without the
addition of imported products.

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